MAVERSA is convinced of the need to establish a strategic approach towards continuous improvement to continue providing high quality, effective and efficient services to our clients.

Therefore, 100% of its activity is certified under an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System according to international standards UNE –EN ISO 9001:2015 y UNEEN ISO 14001:2015.

“A differentiating element that allows to improve the image, processes and services of organizations, generating confidence in the market

MAVERSA has as a priority to offer a high quality service, with adapted and personalized solutions, that meet all the expectations and requirements of its customers, so that their satisfaction with our work is maximum.

We apply the PDCA concept at all levels of the organization, achieving CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT in strategic, operational processes and support that influence the provision of our services.

In our global management, the rational use of resources and energy, proper waste management and recycling in order to reduce the carbon footprint, and compliance with environmental legislation are important.

We are aware and judicious in our commitment to protect the environment.

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